2019 Okinawa Ryukyu Kaiensai Schedule and Point

Okinawa Event

“Ryukyu kaiensai Okinawa Hanabi festival 2019” is just around the corner.

“Okinawa Ryukyu kaiensai” is one of the huge fireworks event in Japan.

10000 fireworks will be launched on a beautiful water surface for one hour.

It does not matter that you have an admission ticket or not.

It’s very easy!

You just go to Ginowan area and look at the sky!

Why don’t you Just go and watch!

You must quick check schedule and how you get there!↓↓

           Date 13th APR 2019
    Opening time 15:00
  Fireworks  Time  19:00-20:00
           Place Ginowan Seaside Park(Tropical Beach)

Rain or shine, Stopped when rough weather such as strong wind and heavy rain

What you should be most careful about?

Time to arrival

Ryukyu kaiensai is a spectacular firework festival, but You should be very careful about “Time”.

There are thousands of people visit the venue, so it is quite difficult to get good position to watch and enjoy fireworks there.

Please come earlier and get the best position as you can.

Location to watch fireworks

The fireworks of Ryukyukaiensai is a worldwide large scale.

So you can see fireworks from everywhere in the event area actually everywhere in the  Ginowan-City.
Please don’t forget that you must watch from exactly in front of fireworks then you can see fully wide fireworks.


car  ★★

Not recommended

You would face a  heavy traffic jam very easily at all times.

If you are coming by car, strongly recommend coming by around 15:00.
If you miss a parking lot or place, you may not be able to get out from thousands of cars.

 Bus  ★★★★★

Very recommended.

You should check the local bus information in advance.

Nearest Bus stop
  1. Okinawa convention center-mae   沖縄コンベンションセンター前
  2. Laguna garden Hotel-mae  ラグナガーデンホテル前
  3. Mashiki  真志喜